Spinal Surgery

LINK® first class quality and function

LINK instruments for spinal surgery are top quality products. Surgeons will favor LINK rongeurs and punches. The force, hand comfort and performance of a LINK Kerrison punch can immediately be felt when squeezing the instrument handle. This is a result of the detailed precision of LINK technology. From the start it has been a guiding principle of our company.

The LINK® Spinal Instruments


  • Caspar distraction system

  • Bone cutting forceps and bone rongeurs

  • Bone curettes, curettes and rasps

  • Microsurgery instruments

  • Chisels, tampers and mallets

  • Raspatories, elevators and dissectors

  • Rongeurs and punches

  • Scissors and forceps

  • Suction and biopsy Instruments

  • Retractors and vertebral spreaders

  • Retractors, nerve hooks and spatulas

LINK® SimpleClean Rongeur

Das einfache Öffnen eines SimpleClean® Rongeurs

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