MIRETO™ Endo-Modell® Instrument Set

LINK® Rotational Knee Prosthesis Endo-Model®

The new MIRETO™ Instrument Set allows users to perform implantation of the Endo-Model® knee prosthesis system in a safe, bone-conserving, reproducible and precise manner.

All intracondylar Endo-Model® standard and modular implants for primary and revision indications can be implanted using the MIRETO™ Instrument Set.

  • Reduction in bone resection thanks to the resurfacing technique with first-time surgery.
  • Minimal number of instrument trays combined with enhanced application modularity.
  • Low investment and preparation costs.

MIRETO™ Instruments were developed with a firm focus on ensuring optimal handling: from storage configuration through to hygienic preparation.

  • Accelerated surgical sequence.
  • Shorter learning curve.
  • Simple hygienic preparation.

The MIRETO™ Instrument Set is characterized by its simple handling, quick and easy assembly/disassembly as well as completely guided instrumentation.

  • Reproducible, reliable and precise bone resection by the user.

MIRETO™ – Endo-Model® Instrument Set

  • Suitable for primary and revision indications
  • Preservation of the thick subchondral bone during primary treatment helps to ensure secure long-term fixation of the implant (1)
  • Suitable for all Endo-Model® implants (standard and modular)
  • Family concept makes the instrument set simpler to use and reduces costs (initial investment and reprocessing)
  • Guided instrumentation for reproducible and high-precision bone resection (2 + 3)
  • Simple, intuitive handling (4 + 5)
  • Quick and easy assembly/disassembly (6 + 7)
  • Developed for optimal handling – from storage through to hygienic reprocessing

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