LINK® Endo-Model®

Rotational and hinge knee prosthesis for primary and revision surgery

Used as primary prosthesis or as revision treatment, as a rotational or hinge knee, with the Endo-Model® rotational knee prosthesis you have many options.

Because of its dimensions the Endo-Model® knee prosthesis is considered one of the knee joints requiring very little bone resection and therefore offers the highest possible sparing of bone substance in cases of primary intervention and revision.

In addition to high primary stability this system features anchorage-preserving natural movement sequences.

Since 1979, it has proven itself the LINK success model for over 40 years.

Endo-Modell® Rotational Knee Prosthesis

  • Stable prosthesis anchoring for weakened ligaments

  • Minor bone resection with primary implantation

  • Preserves valuable bone substance

  • Natural gait through physiological pivot and axial rotation

  • Anti-luxation

Endo-Modell® Hinge Knee Prosthesis

  • For greater bone substance loss, ligament instabilities and extreme muscular insufficiency

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