LINK® Sled Prosthesis

Bone preserving unicondylar knee prosthesis

The Sled has been a success story with LINK since 1969. Unicondylar knee prostheses can be implanted with low bone destruction and a well-preserved ligamentus apparatus in the knee joint. Continually being improved on, the unicondylar sled delivers outstanding results in everyday clinical practice. In conjunction with the minimally invasive surgical technique MITUS® this surface replacement is particularly bone-sparing and gentle on soft tissue.

In the Annual Report 2007* of the Swedish study (The Swedish Knee Arthroplasty Register – Part II) the Endo-Model® sled prosthesis features a survival rate of over 90% in 10 years with 4,124 implantations.

*Annual Report 2007, The Swedish Knee Arthroplasty Register, www.knee.nko.se.

Sled Prosthesis with tibial plateau type – with metal backing

LINK® Unicondylar Sled

  • Bone-preserving design

  • Full range of movement

  • Short rehabilitation time

  • Optimal implant/cement bonding through a globular macrostructure on the undersides of the prostheses

  • Tibial plateaus from UHMWPE with and without metal backing

  • Minimally invasive or conventional implantation technique possible

Sled Prosthesis with tibial plateau type – all-polyethylene


inimally Invasive Technique for the Unicondylar Sled

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