Instrument set for the LINK® sled prosthesis

MITUS® ART stands for minimally invasive technique for theunicondylar sled prosthesis. Bone-preserving resection,, and sparing of soft tissue are two very important success factors for unicondylar joint replacement. The MITUS® ART instruments for implantation of the LINK® sled prosthesis support both. They give full control over the tibial cut depth and precise setting of the desired resection level in the sagittal and horizontal plane. The patient receives a smaller wound, a smaller scar, and faster restoration of mobility.

The MITUS® ART Instrument Set 

  • Bone-preserving resection

  • Full control over the level of the tibial resection

  • Options for various implant sizes with the aid of trial implants

  • Surgery possible conventionally or as minimally invasive technique

LINK® Sled Prosthesis

Unicondylar sled prosthesis with long-term results over three decades

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