LINK® SPII® Long Prosthesis Stems


Cemented long stem prostheses for hip revision


Recently, in addition to initial interventions in the hip joint replacement field, the number of revision interventions has risen to the two digit percent range. Cemented hip joint revision prosthesis stems are frequently implanted following loosened femoral hip implants, sub or periprosthetic fractures, or after reconstructions of proximal bone defects. They differ greatly from primary hip endoprotheses in design, function and surgical technique. Individual procedures for indication, preoperative planning, surgical technique, and follow-up treatment of patients are frequently required.

SPII® Long Prosthesis Stem, anatomical


  • 12/14 taper

  • Right and left design (anatomical design)

  • Stem lengths 200–350 mm

  • Five stem widths

  • 126° and 135° CCD angles obtainable

SPII® Long Prosthesis Stem XL

  • 12/14 taper

  • Right/left design

  • Stem widths normal, wide and extra wide

  • Neck lengths extended by 10 mm

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