The modular tumor and revision system

The high modularity of the MEGASYSTEM-C® allows partial bone replacements both in the proximal and distal femur in small increments as well as a total replacement of the femur.

For knee joint replacement, implants of the knee joint system Endo-Model® and Endo-Model® SL® are integrated into the MEGASYSTEM-C®. The modularity of the system makes it possible to react flexibly to intraoperative situations.

Observation of biomechanical load and anchoring principles, and experience from the application of proven implant components, successfully tested over a long period, allow utmost safety of the system and thus good prospects for the surgical outcome.

LINK® MEGASYSTEM-C® Tumor and Revision System

  • Maximum intraoperative flexibility using highly modular implant components

  • Compatible with standard implant systems (MP® Hip Revision System and Endo-Model® knee joint components)

  • Proven and clinically tested coupling mechanisms

  • Cementable and cementless anchoring stems

  • Leg length adjustment in 10 mm increments

  • Easy-to-handle, system-integrated instrumentation

  • Broad indication range

  • Microporous Implant surfaces support bone ongrowth

  • Surface modifications available upon request

  • Push Through Femoral segments allow retention of host bone segments for soft tissue attachments

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