LINK® Endo-Model® Partial Pelvis Replacement


Implant for bridging larger bone defects


The LINK Endo-Model® partial pelvis replacement prosthesis provides a cemented option with an artificial hip acetabular cup in cases of extensive osseous destruction, where normal hip acetabular cup systems cannot be implemented, because of a tumor, or earlier interventions.

The LINK Endo-Model® partial pelvis replacement prosthesis can be combined with different LINK hip prosthesis systems.


LINK® Partial Pelvis Replacement Endo-Model®

  • Material: stainless steel

  • Right or left design

  • Two designs: with caudal hook or caudal flange

  • Flanges with three, four or five holes in length

  • Inside diameter from 42–61 mm

  • Outer diameter from 48–67 mm

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