LINK® Lubinus® SP II®

Anatomical hip prosthesis with best results in swedish study

The LINK® SP II® hip prosthesis stem forms an anatomical hip prosthesis for cementable implantation with the Model Lubinus® hip acetabular cup or the IP hip acetabular cup.?

In Sweden the Lubinus® SP II® is the most frequently used implant for cemented hip joint replacement. Its ratings in the Swedish Annual Hip Report 2007* ("Swedish study") conclude
that it is also the most reliable. During the period covered by the report, in 60,949 implantations, done at various centres, a survival rate of 94.7% after 16 years, is shown for the LINK® hip prosthesis system.

*Annual Report 2007, The Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register, https://shpr.registercentrum.se/.

The Lubinus® SP II® hip prosthesis stem also achieved very good safety data in the Swedish Hip Register of a subgroup analysis** studying failure cases for the occurrence of periprosthetic femoral fractures. In the 1,049 complications recorded between 1979 and 2000 the Model Lubinus® was markedly underrepresented in the fracture group. The risk of periprosthetic femoral fractures was evaluated as very low with the anatomical SP II® hip prosthesis system.

**Improved Analyses in the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register, Scientific Exhibition presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Feb. 14–18, 2007, San Diego, California, USA.

Anatomically adapted SPII® Prosthesis Stem with Lubinus® Acetabular Cup

SP II® Hip Prosthesis Stem


  • Centred position in the femoral canal due to the anatomically shaped stem.

  • Preserves the intramedullary bone substance

  • Uniform cement mantle in the entire stem region

  • S-shaped stem resists rotational forces

  • Large collar support achieves reintroduction of physiological forces into the femur

  • Built-in physiological anteversion in the prosthesis stem

  • Reliable implantation technique

  • Modular system allows adjustment to suit anatomical requirements

  • Two standard stem lengths, four additional stem lengths of 200 to 350 mm for revisions

  • Three femoral neck angles, one extra long femoral neck and up to four head-neck lengths for precise lateralization adjustment

IP Polyethylene Acetabular Cup

An additional option for cemented implantation with the LINK® SP II® hip prosthesis stem

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