LINK® IP Acetabular Cup

Cemented hip acetabular cup for the LINK® SPII® hip prosthesis stem

The cemented IP hip acetabular cup made from UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) was, like all LINK artificial cups, especially designed for patients, who are not candidates for a cementless system, and for patients requiring immediate mobilization following surgery. Its comparatively deep cup interior design resists luxation.

The LINK IP hip acetabular cup, together with the SPII® hip prosthesis stem and as an alternative to the Lubinus® hip acetabular cup forms an excellent anatomical implant.

Cemented IP Acetabular Cup

LINK® IP Hip Acetabular Cup

  • Standard-UHMWPE

  • Integrated spacers for homogeneous cement mantle

  • UHMWPE with low wear abrasion ratings highly proven over three decades

  • Broad spectrum of sizes Ø 44-58 mm

LINK® Lubinus® SPII® Hip Stem

Together with the Lubinus® hip acetabular cup, the SPII® hip prosthesis stem forms an anatomical hip prosthesis system for cemented implantation

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