VACUCAST® our own precision foundry 

We have the entire production in our hands ...

The greater the demands on high-quality products, the more difficult it is to find suitable production partners. Therefore at LINK, we systematically rely on the achievements of our company, starting at production. At our own precision foundry VACUCAST® in Berlin we exclusively produce castings for human medicine.

Ready cast blanks for hip prosthesis stems.

... and control the entire production process

With VACUCAST®, LINK controls the entire production process from the liquefied metal to the packaged and sterilized prosthesis. And of course, the extensive metallurgy knowledge at VACUCAST® flows directly into the research and development of new, innovative prosthetic materials.

Vacuum heat treatment plant with molybdenum heaters to avoid contamination.


Wax Models

Wax molds are prepared for casting hip prostheses (above). The models are then transported further via automatic material handling systems to the next production step (below).

Ceramic Models

The ceramic molds are preheated for the titanium casting process (top). SPII® molds are baked in the pusher furnace (bottom).


Finished casts are separated and manually worked over.