The most modern technology in use

We surpass the standards ...

Producing quality down to the last measure requires perfect synchronization of materials, employees and machines. Therefore, we train employees intensively and only use the very best components for our prostheses, and implement the most modern technology available.

... and guarantee consistently expert production

We focus special attention on the production conditions. Because we are frequently improving them, LINK prostheses are formed at the most modern CNC processing centers, which were constructed especially for our company’s specific quality requirements. The most modern multi-axis, grinding, turning and milling machines guarantee uniform precision processing of prosthesis surfaces, resulting in excellent production.

Turning the LINK prosthetic stems depends on the highest level of precision.

Together with our precision foundry VACUCAST® in Berlin, we produce implants entirely in Germany. The same quality standards of our German production apply in our plant in China, which operates under German management.

Baking ceramic molds at VACUCAST demands the highest concentration.

CNC Processing Centers

Multi-axis milling and turning machines ensure quality down to the last measurable decimal place


Tensile strength tests are used to determine the mechanical properties of a prosthesis.